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JAPAN Business Contact Group Inc. (JBC Group) is a Tokyo-based business development firm which specializes in supporting foreign-based technology companies want to launching and doing business in Japan.

JBC Group is also providing recruiting services including executive search under the license issued by the Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare, to foreign based firms conducting or planning to expand business operations in Japan.

In this site, we show you our services, examples of successful companies who have accessed Japanese market, topics and information, such as latest economic issues, popular news, habits and customs regarding business in Japan.

Our service

While consulting many foreign-based technology companies try to expand their business in Japanese market, we have faced many problems to satisfy variety of customer needs and demands. We have managed and, with our well-experienced staffs and long-time developed business relation in Japan, we believe we can provide the better service in any time.

Japanese market information

We decided to provide some Japanese information in this site, regarding culture and history, because it is very helpful to get to know competion and barriers in Japanese market.
Here is a breif one : Japan has long enough recorded history, nearly 13 centuries, comparing with most of countries in the world. It may be caused by geological reason, that Japan is located in the east of Eurasian continent as a group of islands. Surprisingly, Japan had never been occupied until the end of the WWII. There are still not a few peaple believing that Japan is special.
Note that we are not offering stock, currency or real estate market information.
Japan market


We provide a part of our customer information as instances of Japanese market entry, that are the most significant example of our successful consulting result. You might think that doing business in Japan is easy but it is not so as it described here. We are hoping that you could get some idea or vision of expanding your business in Japan.
Japan market entry showcases


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