Supporting successful market entry for small and medium-sized business

Japan market entryA key to success
What do you think is the key to success in Japanese market?

We think it is effectiveness.

It matters a lot, especially, if you can not spend as much money as you want. There is base cost for market entry regardless of capitals, sales amount or profit. Time is also the factor since labor costs would soar.
It is indeed disadvantage for small and medium-sized business not to be able to spend rich resources at entry. In the other hand, their technology or business model might be unique to the market with less or none competition and would be widely accepted by Japanese.
Naturally, the key to the success is reducing cut-and-try and set the business on track as soon as possible to minimize fund.

Business in Japan is extraordinarily difficult for most foreign companies. Because of significant difference in business customs or cultural background, it will take much time and high cost to start researching their potential market, finding appropriate sales channels, acquiring technology licensing partners and whatever else they might need by themselves from scratch without any help but in your own way.
Many have tried without knowing the difference and stepped a mine. With our market entry assistance, you could have passed dangerous zone much earlier. We want you to not fall into the same traps pioneers have fallen.

Our strength
Our rich experienced and knowledgeable stuffs will solve your problem sooner. All JBC Group consultants have participated in various professional business sectors and makes effective use of the professional knowledge and experience in Japan. All of them have lived and worked in the United States and Europe and knew difference of market and business conduct. Some have founded foreign subsidiaries in Japan and built them to become successful companies. Each consultant have well developed contacts and referral networks to effectively find the best solution for our clients.

JBC group offers following services to assist your Japanese market entry.

  1. Market research
  2. Sales representation ( finding sales channels / building marketing plan )
  3. Finding partners ( dealer selection / making contract )
  4. Human resource ( executive recruitment )
  5. Building a subsidiary in Japan

JBC group also provides recruiting service. After starting business in Japan, you will need good executives sooner or later. It was indeed why we started the business. We had been requested to find well experienced sales persons or engineers and other professionals from existing customers.

You might think you could bring whatever you need from your home country. We could say yes if it is the case of machines and equipments. It may be not wise to bring all stuff from your base country. If they did not know Japanese market, customers or workers very well, it would bring conflict with Japanese. Such a bad reputation would be spread fast and last very long time. Besides, it takes much effort to close the gap between them. If you could have reached the same side, it would be nice but you would hove lost significant opportunities both size and quality in business at that time.

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