When in Japan, do as the Japanese do.

bow and namecard exchange over shaking handsEven if you were a good negotiator, you might not have been always the best in abroad. Especially after you have heard many myths for Japanese and Japanese business practice, you must be very nervous. Your common sense in your home country happened to be against with Japanese one and you would take opposite decision you should not take.

We provides contract assistance service which includes advice from Japanese point of view. All of us know that all want to be successful and mutual interest is the best pledge. In spite of that, foreign language and cultural difference lead result that nobody have expected. We believe pointing out right thing on right occasion will make significant difference on both the process and the result of the matter.

We can assist you in following situations:

  • Document interpretation
    Many Japanese avoids direct expression even in formal documents yet you'd like to state anything clear. We can solve the matter with rich experience in both Japanese and westernized business practice.
    It is not only the matter of word selection but relationship between you and a counter partner. If one trusts you, paper work will be very smooth without any difficulty in Japan. You could save much time and papers.
  • Attend interpretation
    Attend interpretation is a-lot differ from document one. Both need vast knowledge in that field as well as practical experience but the former demands quick real time decision to which words should it take. Bilingual may be the one of sufficient condition for the job but practical experience must be definitely the one of necessary ones. It is obvious that native freshmen can not be candidates for it.
    Unfortunately, meetings are not always in good mood. Both may have conflicts. That is the time when the interpreter's real abilities are tested. One may have to soften the atmosphere and ease the tension of all attendee. One might not tell everything if he thought it should not. It would become very sensitive matter once it turned out it should. Such decision can be made only by experienced person aware of the great risk and ability to take responsibility.
  • Contract management
    None of contracts is made in a day. It has several steps to be completed. There are also many approaches and method developed as you know. It is highly recommended to take the most appropriate program to the matter but you might find difficulty and lose the way out. We can advise you to bring everything back on track.

One of JBC Group's great advantages is our staffs. Of course, all knew Japanese business and they are Japanese that they feel, think and act as Japanese. In addition, they had worked for foreign affiliates with colleagues other than Japanese-origin. Some had even run subsidiaries, established Japanese branch for companies from abroad. Their experience, knowledge and personal connection may help you and your business as our company had been always so.

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