Short period visits to potential customers

Short period visitsWhat should you do when comprehensive market research on your product in Japan may take costly and you still see slight chance of success or you prefer direct communication?

JBC Group will work on a short time contract such as a 3 months contract, which would better fit the company who wants to do market research by visiting potential Japanese customers and spending a few days in Japan.

JBC Group will help foreign companies prepare their presentation slides, make appointments with key people, provide presentations and make travel arrangements.
Our group will provide a cost effective and productive entry into Japan for your company. We will also provide follow-up calls and visits to the companies your company visited and make additional reports with our advise.

Intensive Program

  • Period - 3 months (negotiable)
  • What we provide
    • Finding potential customers who wants to meet you
    • Arrange business trips
    • Prepare materials for business meetings in Japanese
    • Interpreter if necessary
    • Follow up calls and visits after your return
    • Reporting with our advices

Socializing with the Japanese customers might help your business in great deal. Feel free to ask us anything.

It is often said that if every one said it is successful, it would be not so much and if many told you it's impossible, it would be a great business. If you began the project, you might be called a risk taker but it may be just no competitor in that field or no one have ever researched completely before. Thoughtless investment can not beat the odds but investigation might do. Intensive Program is the right choice if you feel that way. You should lose less and win much.

It is also recommended for those who wants to talk directly with a person you are going to work with and many of you prefers to do so, especially in a business scene. Reports are very objective and the better it gets, the harder you sense intention. To know counter partner's thoughts via phone conversation is difficult. Or, you would not hire a person without speaking a word. You probably set an interview with the person before one start working in your office. Needless to say, direct conversation or face-to-face meeting is a good chance to find one's willingness or true intention. Eye and hand movement, face expression and voice tone are good clue. You just sense their thought without any effort. You read one's thought unconsciously. Thus meetings are considered very important. It gets further important since you might not talk with the partner because of language barrier.

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