Market research in Japan

Market researchAlthough everyone knows the importance of market research before entering the market, a few would satisfies with the result. For example, if your products or services were completely new to the market, the research would be very difficult because no one knows how they were sold in the country. Getting information on a specific topic is relatively easier than finding the relevant topic on a matter. If the matter were foreign, based on different language and culture and apart from your base market, one could take wrong ones undoubtedly. Estimating market size is not pure statistical calculation. It requires deep understanding and business experience of the products or the services.

JBC Group does market research in Japan with full usage of experts and key persons in the wide spreading business relationships. Such research will help clients determine its market size, finding local competitors, sensing market trends and revealing local government regulations and planing optimal market entry strategy.

In addition to gathering information, we interview with potential partners, customers and key player in Japanese market. Our clients can join the meeting and it gives them direct response that they will never get from written report reading. It is also very effective if your fond is small and schedule is tight.

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