Find multiple sales channels

multi-channel distributionIt is most unlikely that Japanese compnies find your company and ask to sell directly unless they are distributors. It may be the one of barriers to enter Japan market that large Japanese companies prefer exsiting business accounts to making new ones. Some might refuse to create it and ask to use distributors.
Besides, they are continuously finding potential customers while you can not always involve the matter.

JBC group will find sales channels for our customers. We research potential targets for our clients, formulate a marketing strategy, research candidates and find sales channels. We also provide advice and support for the process of making agreements with Japanese channel companies.

In the early stage of market entry, it is risky to rely on exclusive dealer otherwise they have been successful with the similar products. Using multiple sales channels make the product more public and high chance of selling. You could always change your sales strategy to using a single dealer or a subsidiary after you got too much volume to control.

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