Sales contract of screen mask for solar cell

JBC Group made a contract with BRAVE C&H Supply Co., Ltd., Taiwan for selling their precision screens specialized in solar cell production domestically. Brave is a maker of precision screens, its supplies, screen printing equipments and measuring devices, established in 1994 before photovolatic business became a large industry.

conceptual image of screen printing on PCB and solar cell

Screen printing for electronics industries became essential when suface mount devices such as flat IC packages and electronic components got popular to reduce the size of products they were built in. They have no leads to be inserted into circuit boards. They are placed on the board where pads are coverd with right amount of solder placed with screen printing. While the devices get smaller and smaller, the masks needs more and more quality and accuracy.
Solar cell needs elctrodes to correct light genereated electricity. It is printed on the cell with screen masks. The top side of the pattern becomes thiner to get as much area exposed to the sun light as possible.

They have 2 production sites in mainland China besides Taiwan headquarters and are heavily investing in its technology improvement. Their total production capacity of those 3 factories is 3,200 masks per day.

Headquater in Taoyuan in Taiwan 1st factory in Suzhou in China 2nd factory in Chengdu in China They have 80% share in Taiwanese market as well as 50% in China. They have expanded their business to Europe, India, South East Asia and the U.S.
JBC Group and our partner, Solsol, agreed with Brave to introduce them to Japanese photovoltaic manufactures in 2012. JBC Group did market research and made full usage of personal network in solar cell production business and succeeded in getting the evaluation request from several potential customers in Japan.


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