Sales contract of aluminum paste for solar cells

JBC Group made a contract with Giga Solar Materials Corp. (GSMC), Taiwan for selling their aluminum conductive paste for solar cell domestically.

Together with Solsol, a JBC Group partner and a photovoltaic manufactureing consultant, the companies reached the agreement that JBC Group sells GSMC aluminum paste to solar cell manufacturers in Japan in 2012. After an about half a year sales promotion, JBC Group succeeded in closing a deal with a major solar cell manufacturer in Japan for over a million dollar sales a year business of GSMS solar cell material products.

conceptual view of solar cell

Sun light induces electron when hit semiconductor plate. ELectrodes require to get electric current form the device. To correct as much current, electrodes contact with the semiconductor must be as wide as possible. On the contrary, the top surface of the device must be exposed to the sun light and electordes on the top become thiner and its conductivity matters. Expensive material can be used because of its usage amount. Silver is most common material for the top side electrode. In some cases, cost reduction pressure make them choose aluminum, instead. As for the back side, silver is too expensive to cover whole back surface. Aluminum is balanced material both conductivity and the cost.

Aluminum conductive paste for solar cell

GSMC is cooperating with Industry Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the largest research and development institute in Taiwan to develop the solar cell material industry. In 2008, they succeeded to produce aluminum paste which was very well received by the market with high efficiency and less warping. They got 30% share in the world in 2012.


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